About the DBCP


The Data Buoy Cooperation Panel (DBCP) is an official joint body of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC). It consists of the data buoy component of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS). It increases the quantity, quality and timeliness of atmospheric and oceanographic data in ocean areas, to improve global forecasts of weather and ocean conditions, plus also to contribute to climate study and oceanographic research.

The aims of the DBCP are to:

  1. review and analyse requirements for buoy data
  2. coordinate and facilitate deployment programmes to meet network requirements
  3. support information exchange and technology development
  4. improve quantity and quality of buoy data distributed on the Global Telecommunication System (GTS)
  5. initiate and support action groups and
  6. liaise with relevant international/national bodies and programmes.

For more details, refer to the Terms of Reference for the DBCP (on the JCOMM Web site) here ».


Helping Meteorologists and Oceanographers worldwide.

The primary objective of the DBCP is to maintain and coordinate all components of the network of over 1250 drifting buoys and 400 moored buoys, which provides measurements such as sea-surface temperature, surface current velocity, air temperature and wind speed and direction. This data is useful for Weather and Ocean Forecasts and research and additionally can be used to complement or validate remotely-sensed data and operational models. The DBCP also explores and evaluates new technologies and uses those which prove successful to improve operations.

Implementation strategy

Operating principles


The DBCP is an international group headed by a Chair and vice chairs for each participating continent. Panel Members are listed on the JCOMM web site »

It meets each year and is supported by the JCOMM secretariat » (WMO and IOC). It also holds an annual Science and Technology workshop and other workshops as required.

The panel also has a Technical Coordinator who works to assist its members in achieving the aims. The Technical Coordinator is based at OceanOPS ».

All IOC and WMO member states are invited to participate in the DBCP. Panel membership is also open to all other interested parties.


The panel has several teams and groups:

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